Zelda the Sorceress

Zelda is trying to kidnap Odette.

The wand Zelda was using. She has two seekers: The Green Seeker and the red Seeker.

The Green Seeker can kidnap any person or creature. When Zelda says for example to bring Odette a green fire comes out from the wand. Odette wasn't able to escape from it and it brings Odette to Zelda's lair. The red seeker is known as the destroying seeker. Zelda wants to destroy Odette. So she says: Seek out for the swan and destroy her, a red fire ball comes out. Odette tries desperately to escape from it, along with Puffin, but it was no use and get's killed, but she comes back to life.

Zelda tells Whizzer the seekers can find their intended targets no matter where they go.