The upcoming ninth movie in the series is titled The Swan Princess: Kingdoms Of Music. The producers of the series refer to it as "Swan 9". It will be released in Spring 2019. Like the previous film, this one is going to be primary digital; it is unknown if it will receive a limited release of DVDs. It will be released for a 25th anniversary of the original movie, and will be a second movie in the series to be an anniversary special, after "A Royal Family Tale".

What is currently known about The Swan Princess: Kingdoms Of Music Edit

  1. While Odette returned to a main character role in Swan 8, in Swan 9 the main character will once again be Alise. However, this movie will feature much more Odette than Swan 6 and 7 did.
  2. Alise and Lucas will be teenagers now, and so their designs will change.
  3. The movie will introduce new characters and locations, inspired by Asia.
  4. Alise will be in a love triangle with Lucas and an Asian prince.
  5. The movie will feature some kind of dragon.