Mr. Lorenzo Trudgealong
Name Speed , Lorenzo Trudgealong
Gender Male
Species Turtle
Status Alive
Friends Odette, Derek, Jean-Bob, Puffin, Bridget, Lord Rogers, Alise, Scully
Enemies Rothbart, Bridget (formerly), Scullions (Formerly) Alligators, Great Animal, Clavius and Zelda
Voiced by Steven Wright (from movie 1), Doug Stone (from movie 2 to 6)
First Appearance The Swan Princess

Speed is a turtle the supporting character of The Swan Princess. Odette, Derek, Jean-Bob and Puffin's friend. He is wise but lazy at most times due to his slow nature.

Even though he is slow on land, he is a fast swimmer, thus earning him the name, Speed. He says or does things slowly. He also has a bit of a sarcastic, witty streak to him, particularly towards Jean-Bob.

Movie AppearancesEdit

The Swan Princess

He is first seen at Swan Lake with his old friend, Jean-Bob. He befriends Odette and Puffin when he meets them.


Speed's body is brown except his mouth, which is light brown in color. His shell is patterned with the colors dark green and light green.


"You've come up with some dumb ideas, Jean-Bob. But this one's a doozy." - Speed to Jean-Bob

"I think I pulled a muscle." - Speed during a mission to take the map from Rothbart's castle.

"I'm only a turtle." - Speed replying to Odette when she asks him to explain to Jean-Bob.

"Ouch." - Speed when Puffin accidentally closes the door on him.

nah i’m Happy as a turtle last words


  • Speed's real name is Mr. Lorenzo Trudgealong, as Odette said when she introduced him to Puffin in the first movie.