Queen Unerta is a character of The Swan Princess. Derek's mother. Her and King William made an agreement to unify widowed their land by motion of marriage between their children, Derek and Odette. Every summer, the king and queen would constantly make arrangement for them to meet, just so the children could get along with each other. When Derek and Odette were young adults, it seems that their efforts were paying off when they shared their first kiss. Their
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hopes were soon crushed when Odette canceled everything by rejecting Derek, who had insulted her by saying he was only marrying her because of her beauty. In this moment, Queen Uberta shows her disappointment in her son and walks away sobbing.

When the news of King William's murder and the kidnapping of Odette was announced; Queen Uberta was upset by it. Although, she seems to know how to quickly move on because after months of Princess Odette declared missing or dead, she was quickly looking for Derek's new princess in the Gran Ball partying by inviting all the princesses from the neighboring kingdoms. Queen Uberta would constantly bother her son to meet these princesses, but after many times Derek had refused on other occasions, he finally agrees even if the latter still has hopes to find Odette. His words were received with loud cheers from his mother, who was quick on giving orders into making everything perfect for that night. Eventually, when the night arrives, she is constantly reminding her son of his promise to her on dancing with the princesses. However, she became quiet when the figure of Odette (who was really Bridget) appeared. She watched Odette walking down the stairs in horror for she had thought that the princess had disappeared. After her son, Derek, did a declaration on everlasting love for Odette, her party was ruined by Rothbart, who laughed at the prince for declaring his love to the wrong woman, therefore killing the real Odette. In the end, Derek and Odette were finally married. Queen Uberta was happy to see the promise she had made with King William to be fulfilled and also happy to see her son happy with the woman he loved.

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Uberta was voiced by Sandy Duncan in the first movie, by Christy Landers in the first two sequels, and by Jennifer Miller in later films.


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