Puffin and Speed
Name Puffin
Gender Male
Species Puffin bird
Status Alive
Friends Odette, Derek, Speed, Jean-Bob, Bridget, Alise, Brodie
Enemies Rothbart, Bridget (formerly) Clavuis, Zelda, Great Animal, Alligators, Boggs
Voiced by Steve Vinovich (from movie 1 to 3), Gardner Jaas (from movie 4 to 6), Corey Burton (from movie 7), Rob Paulsen (from movie 8)
First Appearance The Swan Princess

Puffin is a bird tritagonist of The Swan Princess. He is Odette, Derek, Speed, Alise and Jean-Bob's friend.

He is one of a few characters that is the craftiest and the most devoted of all characters. He is strict in military arts, hates spies, does not like Jean-Bob's lack of enthusiasm and does not want to feel helpless when helping Odette in trouble. He came all the way from Ireland.

Movie AppearancesEdit

The Swan Princess

Puffin crashes near Odette, Speed and Jean-Bob after being shot in the left wing by an arrow and was treated by Odette afterwards. He befriends the three of them and makes a plan to help Odette to find Derek. During the search, he and Odette were hunted down when Derek mistakens Odette, in her swan form, as the "Great Animal". Puffin plays dead by putting the red berries on his chest to make an appearance as he was shot and bites Derek's foot when Derek comes to take a look at him. As Derek hops in pain after being bitten by Puffin, he and Odette make a run for it and flies back to Swan Lake. When Odette is imprisoned in the castle's dungeon, he makes a plan to break Odette out from there so that she can meet Derek at the ball. During the fight between Derek and the "Great Animal", he remembers the bow that Rothbart threw in the pond and throws Jean-Bob to take it. In the end, he was seen talking to a group of migrating swans about the story he helps Odette to reunite with Derek till the end.


Puffin has a pair of orange eyebrows, blue eyes with black pupils, red and yellow beak and a pair of orange webbed feet. His body is black and white since he is a puffin.


"No fear" - repeated line

"When the hunter has you in his sight, look for the sun and fly into the light." - Puffin to Odette.

"There comes a time, the possum said, when if all else fails just play dead." - Puffin setting up his play dead plan to trick Derek.

"Me name is Puffin. Lieutenant Puffin." - introducing himself to Odette, Speed and Jean-Bob. 

"Those turtles are tough eating. How 'bout a little white meat? Good for the heart!" distracting the alligators while freeing Odette from dungeon. 

"There you have it, everlasting love." - Derek and Odette are happy when everything is fine and Odette has come back to life.