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Princess Odette
Princess Odette 3D.png
Gender Female

King William (father, deceased)

Unnamed queen (mother, deceased)

Prince Derek (husband)

Queen Uberta (mother-in-law)

Unnamed king (father-in-law, deceased)

Princess Alise (adoptive daughter)

Personality Graceful, angelic, kind, gentle, patient, sweet, witty, very brave, courageous, clever, flirty, stubborn, motherly, romantic, serious, beautiful, seductive, bubbly, dreamy, snarky, laid-back, emotional, loving, mature, noble, elegant, sophisticated, optimistic, diligent, encouraging, trusting, thoughtful, even-tempered
Appearance Slender, fair skin, red lips, long golden blonde hair, blue eyes
Occupation Princess of King William's Kingdom, Future Queen of Queen Uberta's Kingdom (after her marriage to Prince Derek), Wife of Prince Derek, Mother of Princess Alise, Daughter of King William and his deceased Queen and Daughter-in-law of Queen Uberta and her deceased king.
Alignment Good
Abilities and natural talents



Order personification

Positive force personification




As a Swan:

Winged flight

Enhanced hearing

Enhanced eyesight

Night vision

Superhuman stamina

Enhanced smell

Enhanced bite

Supersonic flight

Speed swimming


Friends and Allies Jean-Bob (1st & 16th Movies)

Speed (1st & 16th Movies

Puffin (1st & 16th Movies)

Whizzer (3rd, 11th, 12th & 14th Movies)

Prince Li (9th & 16th Movies)

Princess Mei Li (9th & 16th Movies)

Chen (9th-16th Movies)

Lucas (6th & 16th Movies)

Number 9 (7th, 8th, 11th, 12th & 14th Movies)

Scully 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12, & 14th Movies)

Enemies and Opponents Rothbart (1st & 4th movies)

Clavius (2nd movie)

Zelda (3rd movies)

Number Nine (4th Movie)

The Forbidden Arts itself (5th movie)

Count Antonio (7th Movie)

Nicollo (8th Movie)

Fang (9th & 10th Movies)

Voice Michelle Nicastro (speaking in 3 films and singing in 2 films)

Laura Bailey (4th - 7th movies)

Nina Herzog (Royal MyZtery, Kingdom of Music, A Royal Wedding, A Treasure of the Power Crystals)

Liz Callaway (singing in first film)

Princess Odette is the female protagonist of The Swan Princess. She is Prince Derek's beloved wife and a loving, caring mother to her young adopted daughter, Princess Alise. She is the daughter of the late King William and his deceased queen of King William's kingdom and she is the daughter-in-law of Queen Uberta and her deceased king of Queen Uberta's kingdom. In the fourth movie, she was revealed to be able to use her singing voice to weaken Rothbart when he returns from the dead to get revenge during Christmas.


Odette is kind, gentle and sweet to everyone she loves and cares about. She is also very brave and courageous when faced with dangerous situations and she is not afraid to speak her mind. She is the only one who can change into a swan by day and regain her human form by night. As a future queen, Odette will do anything to protect her husband, Derek and her daughter, Alise. Odette has good leadership skills (like her father did in the first movie) and it is her job to protect her kingdom from her enemies once Derek had defeated Rothbart (who cast a spell on Odette.)

Roles in the movies[]

King William holding baby Odette in his arms.

The Swan Princess[]

Odette is born to the aged King William and his deceased queen and she is welcomed by the kingdom's people as the future queen of the fair kingdom.

Young Odette and Derek meet for the first time.

Rothbart, an evil court sorcerer, plots to conquer William's kingdom with dark magic, but he fails when the king sends a surprise party to arrest Rothbart. Rothbart is banished from the kingdom but before he leaves, Rothbart vows that he will take everything that the king owns and loves.

Years later, Odette is brought together with young Prince Derek, Queen Uberta’s son. King William and Queen Uberta hope that their children will fall in love and marry when they are older to join the two kingdoms.

As adults, Odette is forced to meet again with Derek. She is reluctant to do this again until she sees him and falls in love with him. Derek is forced to meet again with Odette as well. He is reluctant to do this again until he sees her and he falls in love with her. After they had their first dance together, Odette and Derek shared their first kiss.

During the ball, Derek announces to arrange their wedding immediately and he tells Odette that he wants to marry her for her beauty. When Odette asks Derek what else matters to him besides beauty, he replies, "What else is there?" This makes Odette upset and she rejects him once again.

The next day, Princess Odette and King William return home but they are stopped by Rothbart, who turns into the great animal and attacks them. King William's injured captain returns to Queen Uberta's castle and informs Derek about the attack. Derek quickly rushes to the scene, only to find a dying King William and Odette gone. Rothbart takes Odette to his lair at Swan Lake and puts a transformation spell on her, which turns her into a white swan by day and a human once again by night in the lake under the moonlight. He mentions that the spell can only be broken when the man she loves makes a vow of everlasting love to her and proves it to the world.

Rothbart asks her to marry him, so he can take control of the kingdom legally, but she refuses to do this because she is in love with Derek and she does not love Rothbart. She hopes that Derek will come to rescue her. During her imprisonment, she befriends a turtle named Speed and a frog called Jean-Bob.

During the song "Far Longer Than Forever", Odette claims that her love for Derek was gentle, sweet, and kind and Derek also claims that his love for Odette was "stronger than the earth" and he would make "a vow of everlasting love" to her. After the song, an injured puffin bird named Puffin crashes near them and he is nursed back to health by Odette. Puffin soon devises a plan to reunite Odette with Derek. They would lure Derek to Swan Lake at night so he could see Odette transform into a human. Odette agrees.

Puffin and Odette find Derek in the woods, but he mistakes Odette for the great animal and he tries to kill her using his bow and arrows. She quickly flies back to Swan Lake as the night gets closer, with Derek following her. When she transforms back into her normal self, the two share a short-lived reunion, with Derek telling Odette to come to the ball tomorrow night to meet him there. As he left, Rothbart appeared from behind the tree, carrying Derek's bow and he finds out about the ball. Odette weeps when Rothbart tells her that there will be no full moon the next night and she is unable to transform back to her normal self again.

The next night, she is imprisoned in the castle dungeon with Bromley, who got lost in the woods when hunting down the "great animal" together with Derek. Rothbart sends his old hag, Bridget, disguised as Odette under his spell to the ball to trick Derek into making a vow of everlasting love to her because if Derek mistakenly makes his vow of everlasting love to the wrong person, Odette will die.

Puffin, Jean-Bob, and Speed help free Odette from the dungeon and she quickly flies to the ball, hoping that she will get there in time to warn Derek but she finds all the ways into the castle are blocked, much to her disappointment. As Derek makes his vow to the fake Odette, she suddenly feels weaker due to Rothbart's spell that drains her life source, therefore killing her.

Rothbart made an appearance after Derek made his vow and he reveals his plan to him. Derek quickly rushes back to Swan Lake to meet Odette again for the last time. Odette weakly flies back to Swan Lake and was transformed back to her human form as she touches the ground. Before she dies, she tells Derek that she loves him and dies. Heartbroken and enraged, Derek angrily demanded that Rothbart bring Odette back to life but Rothbart refuses and only promises to bring her back if Derek succeeds in killing him. Derek engages in an intense fight against Rothbart, who turns into the "great animal" once more and he overpowers him, nearly killing Derek.

Odette and Derek are married

Puffin remembers the bow that Rothbart threw into the lake and he sends Jean-Bob to fetch it. Bromley escapes from the dungeon through the hole Speed made and gives Derek an arrow to shoot Rothbart with. Derek fires the arrow at Rothbart's chest, killing him and Rothbart crashes into the lake.

Star-crossed lovers reunited.

The spell was broken and Odette comes back to life. Derek says that he truly loves her for her courage and kindness and he has always truly loved her for that. At the end of the film, Derek and Odette are married and they become the future king and queen, uniting their kingdoms as Derek's and Odette's parents hoped. Before going to the moonlight bridge, Derek and Odette make a promise to love each other for the rest of their lives and they romantically kiss as the credits start to roll.

The Swan Princess II: Escape from Castle Mountain (The Secret Of The Castle)[]

Odette is very worried about her relationship with Derek when Derek could no longer spend his time with her after becoming king in the first movie. When a dangerous magician named Sir Clavius locks her in the tower, she asks Bridget to transform her back into a swan so that she can warn Derek about Clavius' plans.

She was almost thrown into the lava pool by Sir Knuckles while she was tied up, but she was rescued by Derek as Knuckles plummets to the lava, never to be seen again. Together, with the help of Puffin, Speed, and Jean Bob, Odette and Derek rescue Uberta from her prison cell. After defeating Clavius, she transforms back into a human when the moon's reflection touches her, even though the magical orb of the legendary Forbidden Arts was destroyed.

The Swan Princess III: The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure[]

Derek and Odette are busy preparing for the Festival Days holiday for the kingdom when an evil sorceress named Zelda sneaks into the castle to find the notes of the all-powerful magical orb known as the Forbidden Arts.

Odette was later kidnapped by Zelda, and Derek must give the pieces of the notes to Zelda that he had stolen from the Forbidden Arts journal in order to release Odette. Zelda turns Odette into a swan and trapped her in a magical cage. Derek comes to the rescue, but before he is able to defeat Zelda, Odette tries to fly away from the magic orb that was meant to kill her. Puffin later informed Derek that Odette has been killed. Devastated, Derek breaks down and cries for her loss. When the notes were burned, the flames take the shape of a swan and Odette returns to life.

Derek and Odette oversee the festival and Odette asks Derek to promise her that there is no more magic in the castle. In reply, he says "So long as you're here, Odette, there will always be magic." She and Derek share a romantic, passionate kiss, which ends the third movie.

The Swan Princess Christmas[]

Odette and Derek have a special celebration because it is their first Christmas together as husband and wife. When everybody is in a bad mood, she figures that Rothbart, as a ghostly spirit, is behind all of this. Rothbart tries to destroy Christmas by using his powers to make everyone become angry. She tries to break the evil spell on Queen Uberta and Lord Rogers and she succeeds.

The spell was broken but Rothbart has other plans. On Christmas Eve, he appears and kidnaps Odette, changing her into a swan once again and he traps her in a cage of vines. Derek comes to the rescue. Odette watches the fight between Derek and Rothbart and when it seems that everything is lost, she realizes the only way to save Derek is to sing season of love. Rothbart is defeated once more and Derek dies in Odette's arms, but she begins to sing which leads the spirits of Christmas to revive him. The Christmas tree was restored and everyone honored Derek and Odette.

Chronologically, this movie takes place between the first and second films. Odette says it is their first Christmas together as husband and wife. However, in The Swan Princess: Escape from Castle Mountain, they had celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary.

The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale[]

Odette and Derek are happy as always while a group of flying squirrels called Scullions think that Odette is evil due to an ancient prophecy. She helps the woodcutter to chop wood. The two Scullion brothers Cutter and Jojo attack Odette and they lead her to a trap but they failed because Derek rescues her.

The evil force has been searching for a glowing green stone to destroy the Swan Princess for centuries but he failed. The evil force accidentally burns a house while a man and his daughter Alise are trapped inside. Derek helps Alise's father out from the burning house but he was badly hurt and Alise was distressed and he dies but before he dies, he asks Derek to take care of Alise. Derek promises to raise Alise as their adoptive daughter together.

Alise wakes up and realizes that she is in the palace. As Odette brushes Alise's hair, Alise starts to cry and Odette comforts her, remembering how she lost her own father, King William, when Rothbart abducted her several years ago. She promises Alise that she will always be there for her and Alise has confidence in her new family but she refuses to speak.

Alise starts to like her new family but a nightmare troubles her and Odette sings her a lullaby to comfort her. The next morning, she and Derek decided to adopt her as their own child and Queen Uberta is happy to become a paternal grandmother.

Alise was abducted by Scullions and Odette and Derek ride off to save her. The flying squirrels prepared some traps to eliminate the Swan Princess but they fail again. One of the flying squirrels Mangler nearly killed Derek by shooting a poison arrow. Another Scullion (who Odette names Scully) helps cure Derek.

Later, Odette sees the metal box with the green glowing stone that can destroy the Swan Princess. Odette vows to find Alise and was nearly killed by Mangler, the leader of the Scullions. Scully saves her and Odette tries to free Alise but she fails. Alise speaks for the first time, and she tells Odette to break the orange-colored crystal orb because it is the only way to free her. Odette tries to break it but the Forbidden Arts appears and he is now capable of withstanding Odette's presence with the great power of the glowing stone. Scully sacrifices himself to save Odette. A worried Odette starts to look for Alise and Alise cried out "Mommy". Odette is happy that she is all right.

The movie ends with Alise, the official princess of the royal family, together with Odette and Derek as a happy family.

The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today[]

Odette and Derek leave their daughter Alise with Queen Uberta, Lord Rogers, the Scullions, Speed, Puffin, and Jean-Bob. They spend the summer helping the people of the kingdom. After they completed a new bridge across a ravine, they get alerted by Sir Chamberlain that Alise has run off.

Sometime later as Odette and Derek ride to find Alise, Scully's ghost tells them that Alise is OK but she needs help, so he tells them to take the back road. Later, thanks to Scully's instructions, Odette and Derek meet up with Lucas' parents. Shortly after hearing their sad story of their son's disappearance, Alise and Lucas reunite with their families believing that they had help from angels.

The Swan Princess: Royally Undercover[]

Odette and Derek go to Trumbeau to make a trade agreement. While there, the king talks about how Odette's late father King William saved him in battle. Later, the dam in Trumbeau breaks and the village is destroyed so Odette helps everyone in her kingdom by donating money and supplies in order to restore Trumbeau.

The Swan Princess: A Royal MyZtery[]

In the 8th movie, someone is leaving a Z mark everywhere. One of them is marked on Odette's locket. The Zs are caused by rats who are controlled by a man in black. So Odette and Derek go to Trumbeau to meet Alise and Lucas to make sure that they are ok. It's revealed that the man in black is Nicollo and the Zs are actually an N because he wanted to take revenge on everyone. Nicollo has rats and they only obey him when he whistles. Odette notices when she follows the rats along with Number 9 into the sewers that it is a trap for Derek. When Odette and Derek had to go someplace else, something is not ok. The children are trapped and Derek helps them to escape with Odette but he got himself trapped.

Nicollo ties Derek up in a submarine and leaves a rat with him. Scully tries to help Derek, but Derek's life is in danger. Inside the submarine, Derek tried to get out for air as he was grasping for it. Odette tells her husband to not give up. Then she sings their song but Derek can't breathe any longer. The bogg ghost Hunch appears just in time to help and Derek is now free. Nicollo is under arrest. Everything goes back to normal.

The Swan Princess: Kingdom Of Music[]

Odette is hosting a competition to celebrate her daughter's birthday hosting a music festival. 5 members have entered: Humbelani, Anya, Isabella, Samar, and Prince Li. All of them are singing with the inspirations of their countries. The winner will sing at the ball at the coming of age for Alise. Odette and Derek meet Princess Mei Li of noble birth and the daughter of the Emperor of Cathay and the twin sister of Prince Li to seek help for them because her boyfriend Chen, a common artist, is under a spell forcing him to leave as a dragon and the only way to break the spell is that a child must surrender true love.

Prince Li and Alise become good friends and Alise has a crush on him and she falls in love with him as well. Both of them explain that they lost their mothers at a young age and they were raised by their fathers, (The emperor and Alise's father.) All 4 finalists try to be the best with a good performance. The judges are Queen Uberta, Lord Rogers, and Jean-Bob. Li is the last one of the finalists. He sings goodbye in his Chinese Mandarin version so full of passion and love as he is singing especially to Alise. When he ended his performance, everyone is thrilled. Odette announces the winner: Prince Li much to his happiness and Alise embraces him. Later, Alise takes Li to Lord Rogers' secret chambers. When the ball comes, Alise's first dance is with her father Derek, but then Li asks Queen Uberta to break a tradition just this once that Lucas should dance with Alise. Alise wasn't very pleased to dance with him but in the end, she dances and Li surrenders his love for Alise. Unbeknownst to Li, he broke the spell on Chen and Mei Li is very happy to have her boyfriend back in his human form. At the end of the movie, Alise and Li meet once more and they both say that they won't forget each other. At the very end, it can be read: To be continued, foreshadowing a sequel.

The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding[]

In this movie, Odette and her husband Derek are traveling with Ru, Prince Li, Mei Li, and Chen to their wedding and both of them wear Chinese clothing. Odette figures that Fang is not to be trusted and it is up to her and Prince Li to save his sister Mei Li from Fang's evil spell as she turns her into an old woman.


Odette has been noted by many to be truly lovely, fair, beautiful, elegant, graceful, and exquisite. She is also enthralling. She has long, golden blonde wavy hair, light skin, and moderate violet eyes. (Her eye color may represent her as a very special and unique character.) As a swan, her feathers are white with a golden stripe on the middle of her head (maybe to resemble the color of her hair in human form) and she has bright violet eyes. As a teenager and an adult, she wears a gold heart-shaped swan locket that Derek gave to her after she was born.

  • Adult: She wears a sleek white evening gown with puffs on both of her shoulders with long fitted sleeves when she first meets Derek as an adult. However, Odette usually wears a white dress with long puffed sleeves and blue lining in most of The Swan Princess films. Her hair is long and wavy.
  • Young adult: She wears a pink dress with a red vest.
  • Teenager: She wears a purple gown with a dark purple border around her shoulders. She wears her hair in a side braid.
  • Pre-Teen: She wears a long-sleeved white shirt under an orange vest with blue pants and brown shoes. Odette wears her hair in two braids.
  • Child: She wears a pink dress with dark pink on the top with long sleeves. She wears her hair down and it's straight.
  • Ball: Odette (actually Bridget in disguise) wears a sleek black and red dress with the golden necklace.
  • Wedding: She wears a white swan-like dress and a crown that matches.
  • In the current movies, she wears a white evening gown with blue puffs and a long gold belt.
  • In the 5th movie (A Royal Family Tale) she still wears her green and white dress. Later on, her outfit changes: She wears a white blouse, a black waistcoat, purple long trousers, and high black boots.
  • In the 6th movie (Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today) she again wears her main dress with the outfit from the 5th movie.
  • In movie 7 (Royally Undercover), she again wears the same dress but when she goes to Trumbeau, she wears a beige dress, white gloves, and brown boots.
  • In movie 2 (The Secret Of The Castle) and 3 (Mystery Of The Enchanted Treasure), she wears a German dress with a brown blouse.
  • In the 9th movie (Kingdom Of Music), she still wears her green and white dress from the first movie. When she is hosting the musical competition for the coming of age ball for her daughter Alise, she wears a beautiful white dress and a long transparent cape down her back. When she announces the winner, she wears it again as she says the winner of the competitions is Prince Li as Alise embraces him as she runs down the stage.
  • In the 10th movie (A Royal Wedding), Odette still wears her green dress. But when she goes with Derek to Cathay to attend Mei Li and Chen's wedding, her clothes are different: She wears a green Chinese kimono, green trousers and dark green high boots. Her hair is collected in a bun similar to Alise's as she celebrates her birthday. She sees that Fang is not to be trusted because she wants to marry Chen and she transformed Mei Li into an old woman and it's up to Prince Li and Odette to save his sister from her evil spell.


The Swan Princess[]

  • "Thank you. But what else?"
  • "Is beauty all that matters to you?"
  • "Goodbye, Prince Derek." (Derek: Goodbye princess.)
  • "I need to know that he loves me for just being me."
  • "I can only kiss the man I love."
  • "Speed, make him understand."
  • "Every night you ask the same question and every night, I give you the same answer. I'll die first."
  • "I should think you'd be used to it by now."
  • "Go ahead then! But I'll never give you my father's kingdom!"
  • "Right. If I want to become a human, I have to be on the lake."
  • "I've decided to become your queen."
  • "I will never be yours, you creature! I will marry Prince Derek and you cannot stop me!"
  • "If you want to stop me, you'll have to kill me!"
  • "No Derek! No! It's a trick!!"
  • "I know. I love you, Derek."
  • "Will you love me, Derek, till the day I die?" (Derek: No. Much longer than that Odette. Much longer).

Escape from Castle Mountain[]

  • "Okay. So far, I'd say everything looks really nice."
  • "Well, it's a very special day for Derek and me. We've been married a whole year."
  • "There. Now, all we need is a prince."
  • "I'm going to help put out the fire."
  • "They'll need these blankets."
  • "I'm the one who's lucky."
  • "That was an interesting way to spend our anniversary."
  • "I can see why I married you. You're so good at saying you're wrong."
  • "What about your mother's birthday? You were going to surprise her first thing in the morning."
  • "What are you talking about? Derek destroyed all of that when Rothbart died."
  • "Let me go."
  • "Hurry! Derek's in danger."
  • "That's it!"
  • "Change me into a swan!"
  • "You must know something about the Forbidden Arts. It's the only way to save Derek."
  • "Derek will die if I don't."
  • "Do it."
  • "Derek! That's him! He's got the orb! The Forbidden Arts. As long as he has it, I'm stuck as a swan."

The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure[]

  • "That's ridiculous. If we knew those notes existed, they'd be destroyed immediately."
  • "You found Rothbart's formula for the Forbidden Arts and you didn't tell me?"
  • "Derek, nothing good can come from those notes. You must destroy them."
  • "Oh, Derek. You will destroy them then, right?"
  • "Her name is Zelda. I think Rogers is in love."
  • "Don't wait till then, Derek. Please."
  • "You'll never get away with this."
  • "There's no time to explain Derek. You have to stop her."
  • "No, Derek."
  • I'm not leaving you."
  • "Oh, Derek."
  • "Promise me, Derek. There's no more magic in the castle."

The Swan Princess Christmas[]

  • "My father and I always spent Christmas at a cabin like this. This is my first Christmas without him."
  • "Do what you want with me, but you will never ruin Christmas."
  • "I know all about that tradition."
  • "Christmas saved us all."

A Royal Family Tale[]

  • She's all of ours. All of ours to help. She won't speak."
  • "Alise, you gotta try this! Let's do something fun!"
  • "If I truly was as powerful and evil as you've been led to believe, why haven't I attacked?"
  • My only power is that I love the girl. The child you took from me.
  • Please! She's already lost so much.
  • I only want to live to love her. I promise, I will leave you in peace.
  • "Let me live and I'll help you. I'll convince everyone to follow you."
  • Alise! Alise! (Alise: Mommy.) (And Odette embraces her new daughter): Alise.

Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today[]

  • "You have a lovely wagon."
  • Goodbye.
  • We love you Alise.

Royally Undercover[]

  • "I don't know. Papa didn't like to talk about war."
  • "He was nice and if he were here today, he'd be one proud grandfather."
  • "Now I know how you felt when I disappeared years ago".

A Royal MyZtery[]

  • "Rats. Ugh."
  • "I'm going to need help Number Nine."
  • "Derek!"
  • "This is not the end. Do you hear?! This is not the end!"
  • Someone is leaving a mark.

Kingdom of Music[]

  • Prince Derek has only ever loved me. And that love broke the spell.
  • Quickly, lie here.
  • We'll do whatever we can to help you.
  • But didn't you say, "I make a vow of everlasting love"? (Derek: No, that was before.)
  • Thank you. Not too long ago, when the darkness of Rothbart's spell was lifted, we vowed that every year, we would celebrate love and light. And what better way than with music? Now, each night this week, at the end of our show, one of our finalists from around the world will perform. And this year, the winner will also sing for the first dance at Princess Alise's coming-of-age ball.
  • And the winner of this festival year is.... Prince Li.
  • And we have something for you as well.
  • Li broke the spell.

A Royal Wedding[]

  • Surely Fang is up to something evil.
  • You will not get Chen.
  • (Derek: Stop). Don't lift her veil. It's Fang


  • Season Of Love
  • Christmas Is the Reason
  • We Are One”
  • Man Up


  • The only times she didn't turn into a swan were in The Swan Princess A Royal Family Tale, The Swan Princess Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today, The Swan Princess Royally Undercover, The Swan Princess A Royal MyZtery, The Swan Princess Kingdom of Music and The Swan Princess A Royal Wedding, which could imply that she has indeed lost the magical ability to do this.
  • The times where Odette dies are in the first movie when Derek unintentionally makes a vow of everlasting love to a disguised Bridget and in the 3rd movie: The Swan Princess The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure when her life is taken by the red destroying fireball made by Zelda. She also nearly got killed during the final battle with Fang in the 10th movie: The Swan Princess A Royal Wedding and she nearly got killed in the Swan Princess 2 when Knuckles threatened to throw her from the tram to her death below and she nearly got killed in The Swan Princess a Royal Family Tale by the Forbidden Arts.
  • The tie-in book for the original movie states that she turned 16 the summer Derek fell in love with her.
  • During the 25th anniversary pink carpet event at the Arclight Cinema, Michelle Nicasto's husband Steve Stark accepted her Swanscar Award on her behalf, due to her death.
  • Odette's swan form is shown in The Swan Princess, The Swan Princess The Secret Of The Castle, The Swan Princess The Mystery Of The Enchanted Treasure, The Swan Princess Christmas, and the Swan Princess a Royal Wedding.
  • The goodbye scene between Li and Alise is very similar to Odette's and Derek's as Odette goes back with her father back home.
  • Odette is the first person to be transformed by Rothbart and the second person is Chen since he was transformed into a dragon. Both of them are cursed in different ways.
  • In the 10th movie, her hair is collected in a bun for the first time.