Number Nine is a black cat and the secondary antagonist new helper to Rothbart Number 9 should lure Derek to a box that he should open in and so the ghost of Rothbart comes out and he'll have the power to destroy Christmas.

In The Swan Princess: Royally Undercover Number Nine becomes a palace cat , since he was adopted by King Sebastian of Barromeo. At first Puffin thinks he's still a bad guy, but it turns out that he's reformed. Nine helps Alise and Lucas with their spy mission by showing them a fishing shack where Count Antonio's men are stashing money that was never donated. when the children get captured Puffin and Nine help them escape by giving them their spy gear. also Nine helps distract the bad guys while Alise and Lucas try to get out of Barromeo.

When Senior Bruno catches the kids in a Net, Nine knocks him out with a flower pot and frees the children by using his claws to cut the rope