Lucas's Parents
Lucas and his parents had never had a real home, instead their raised Lucas in the woods. they used a carriage and one horse as their home. In the Movie The Swan Princess Princess Tomorrow Pirate Today, they were poor and Lucas's father wasn't able to work but his wife tries to cheer him up that he can do anything. People are too slow to give him a job to do and having some money. One night when both were discussing about Lucas's future the best way was that their send him to an Orphanage, but Lucas overheard their conversation and runs away on a raft, and gets lost in a mysterious Island with ugly creatures: Boggs. Both Parents tried to find him but their couldn't find him. Both must have thought that their weren't able to love Lucas just before they can explain it he was gone. Near the end of the movie, they meet up with Princess Odette and Derek who were looking for their daughter Alise.

As the Four meet and explain everything The Children are reunited with their lovely Parents (with some help of Scully's Ghost) and all Look at the North Star as a sigh of grace. In the seventh Movie the 3 are working as Tulip farmers and wearing new clothes. Lucas often helps his parents on the occasion that he brings Alise some flowers. 

Physical AppearancesEdit

Lucas's Mother: Lucas mother is a sweet caring loving mother like all mothers. Lucas bears her some resemblance It seems that she had worn an old dress in her poor outfit. in the seven movie she wears a clean dark blue dress, 

Lucas's Father: Lucas father is also a caring father, but worried that no one was able to give him a job. Although his wife often tries to cheer him up. His right hand seemed not to be well and often goes with walking stick to help him walk. In the sixth movie he wears dirty clothes. The Seventh movie he wears new clothes and works on a field as a Tulip farmer. everyday he sends Lucas to the village to sell flowers and often he gives some to Alise as a gift for bringing their son back home.