Jojo 2
Jojo and his Older brother.

Jojo disappointed that the plan to kill the Swan Princess failed.

Jojo (voiced by Kirk Thornton) is the only brother of his older brother. In this Movie he and Cutter live in a Village at the forest. They according with the legend of the Evil Swan Princess. And so Jojo and Cutter prepare a trap to kill Odette. They blew some nuts at the horse and it goes without control racing away while Odette tries to get the reins but she fell back on her carriage and she tries to climb back but she wasn't able. Derek follows her and he get on her horse to stop it and he saves her when she was about to fall from her carriage to her death but Derek gets her just in time before she falls completely. At the middle of the movie Jojo gets killed and his brother ran to his side. He dies in his arms. But with an antidote that Skully gave Odette in case she might be killed by the poison plants, he recovers quickly. All the flying Squirrels are now sure that Odette is good person and the legend that an Evil Swan Princess will usher an age of despair disappears because the shadow from Odette touch the stone saying:

In a coming day

There will be a Swan Princess

She will usher in an Age of Goodness