Home to me

Home to me

This is a worried song sung by Odette as Alise and Lucas are trying to return all the gold from the town people and Odette is beginning to worry about her daughter feeling the same her late father King William felt when she disappeared years ago when Rothbart kidnapped her. 


Are you safe

Are you there?

This simple words are Mother's prayer

I reach for you and your not the

I close my eyes and I still see you

All I ask 

My humble plee

It that you find your way 

Home to me. 

This empy halls now are silent

Heartache calls when night falls 

I hold you tight right here in my heart

But not knowing is the hardest part

Are you near?

Are you far?

The guestions burn inside my heart

I whould give all I have  to bring you home

To have you near me 

All I ask 

My humple plee 

It that you find your way 

Home to me.

Qoutes Edit

Odette: Now I know how you felt, when I disapperaed years ago. (And she begins to sing).