The Swan Princes. the evil force.
The Evil Force also called the Forbidden Arts, was born long before kings and and queens were about to rule the world. One day it comes out of it crystal but it was horrified to read a legend saying:

In a coming day there will be a Swan Princess.

She will Usher in an age of Goodness.

And in her Presence

Odette with the Forrbiden Arts.

The Forbbiden Arts is now ready to destoy Odette.

Pure Evil will not survive.

Behold The Glowing Stone

Must be kept hidden

For if evil process it

It will have the power to withstand

the presence of the Swan Princess

and destroy her.

Then he searched for the glowing stone but he fails and he was worried. The he made a horrible plan. He writes the:

In a coming day an evil Swan Princess will usher in an age of despair.  Centuries later Odette the Princess was born. But in the end of the move he nearly destroys Odette but  he disappears as Skully a flying Squirrel breaks the crystal. He also is the responsible for burning Alise's house and killing her father. He imprisons Alise in a cellar inside the cave. He appears as a Glowing fire ball. His tale is a black cloud of smoke.