"Eternity" is the second song in the end credits for the original Swan Princess movie. It is sung by the Japanese group Dreams Come True. It is written by three of its members and the lyricist Dave Zippel.

Lyrics Edit

I knew that we belonged together Long before I knew your name, And the only thing I longed for Was a sign to prove you felt the same.

(More to come later.)

Music Video Edit

The music video was created straight for the original home video release to be played after a message from KinderVision, which was given after the movie's credits.

There are two versions of the music video: one with clips from The Swan Princess spliced in, and one without any. The one with the clips is the one used in the end.

In the music video, the band are acting as cast and crew for a stage play. Miwa walks on the stage, and two of the men pull the rope for the backdrop. More background scenery is dropped, and Miwa is lifted offstage.

After the first "is on our side" line, two of the men hold out an "Intermission" sign. During the intermission, Miwa walks backstage. At one point, she tries various costumes and sometimes sits inside an empty bathtub.

After the bridge, the intermission ends, and out of the crewing men, one is turning a crank handle for moving make-believe waves, and the other is on a flying bicycle for a cloud. Sometimes Miwa and the remaining man are in the waves, sinking. Other times, she is walking alongside (and away from) the waves.