Odette saves Jojo 2

Cutter and Jojo after Jojo gets poisoned

Cutter was the older brother of Jojo in the movie The Swan Princess A Royal Family Tale. He and Jojo are Flying Squirrels also known as Scullions.

In the Movie he joins with the others scullions to destroy the Swan Princess. But Soon it's reveal that was a fake Legend and Mangler, the Scullions leader gets banished. 



What does that old Scullion mean abput the Forbbiden Arts?

Jojo and his Older brother.

Cutter with his younger brother.

Cutter is a member of the scullions of Mangler. He also has an only brother named Jojo a young flying squril. In the beginning from the movie, he and Jojo are preperaing a tramp for the Swan Princess arcording the the phorecy. They flew nearby a house where Odette and Derek are helping the Woodcutter asn it seems his leg is broken. As Odette was about to deliver the logs, Jojo and Cutter blow some nutts on the horse back witch it goes out of control. Odette was unable to get the reinds and she falls on the back side of her carrige. Odette sees Derek comming to safe her. Derek was able to stop the carrige and stop the horse on the same time. Odette was still on the carrige and nearly falls to the river, but Derek safe her just in time.  Jojo who was diappionted than the plan did'nt finish as is was plan to be, Cutter had news for Mangler that they were about to destroy the Swan Princess. At night when everybody sleeps The groups of Scullions were training to destroy the Swan Princess. 

So the next day the group kidnap Alise the new daughter of Derek and Odette because they adopted her as she had'nt got any realitves. Odette made her promise and she will keep it. A friendly Scullion named Scullion   ( called Scully) help Odette and Derek. Later the scullions were about to kill Derek when Odette appears and she expalin that she never will harm anyone.Than Scully appears trying to tell the truth, but Mangler hits him. The Scullions don't know what to do but Cutter believe in Scully. Mangler tires to pioson Odette but he hit Jojo instead. Cutter ran to his brother's side but he dies. Odette gave Jojo an Atidote and he recovers quickly and The Phorecny changes. 

Soon everyone realizes that Odette is a good person and everbody wants to help to procted the glowing stone from the Forbbiden Arts ( Also called the Evil Force).