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Name Clavius
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Status Deceased
Friends Rothbart (formerly), Knuckles
Enemies Odette, Derek, Speed, Jean-Bob, Puffin, Rothbart (since he betrayed Clavius)
Voiced by Jake Williamson, Michael Lanning (singing)
First Appearance The Swan Princess II
Clavius 3
 Clavius is the main antagonist of The Swan Princess: Escape from Castle Mountain. He was Rothbart's assistant and partner in crime Knuckles' boss, but was betrayed once he had helped to develop the Forbidden Arts.

Story Edit

After the death of Rothbart, his assistant Clavius takes his place to seek out the orb of the Forbidden Arts and rule the world. But he couldn't go searching the castle for the orb while Derek is in charge of the castle. So Clavius sends his assistant Knuckles to set fire to Derek's field to lure Derek into one of his traps. Derek manages to survive the trap leading Clavius to think of a new plan. He poses as a clown to fool Queen Uberta into being transported to his base of operations; Castle Mountain. He sends Knuckles to set more traps and get rid of Derek while he infiltrates the castle to find the orb. He obtains the orb and amuses himself with his new powers. Derek confronts Clavius and they fight. Clavius loses the orb and it falls off the mountain and into the lava. Then Derek, Odette and the others escape with his balloon leaving him with no means of escape. When the orb fell into the lava, it caused the lava in the volcano to erupt and destroy Castle Mountain. Because Clavius didn't have any other ways to escape, he died during the destruction of his base.

He is briefly mentioned in The Swan Princess: Mystery of the Enchanted Kingdom, when Derek says he and Rogers found Rothbart's formula for the Forbidden Arts "after Clavius and the orb were destroyed".


He is arrogant, cowardly, goofy, and very much the most short tempered villain that Derek encountered. Unlike Rothbart, the queen doesn't take him seriously. Clavius kidnaps Uberta on her Birthday, but her behaviour drives Clavius to drinking, and torture with her ways of Birthday Perfection. He later threatens Odette by locking her in the tower while he
Clavius the Magic-Shaper
searches for the Forbidden Arts. He also had a run in with Bridget, and Our Favorite Animal Trio when they had the Forbidden Arts.


After recapturing the Orb of the Forbidden Arts, he meets his end when it shatters, causing his volcano base to erupt and explode, presumably killing him. The Orb shatters and Clavius explodes and dies.