Alise in her new dress.
Alise is the major character of The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale and The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today and The Swan Princess: Royally Undercover. Alise is voiced by Jayden Isabel. She is Derek and Odette's daughter. In Royal Family Tale she loses her father in their
Elise daughter of Princess Odette and Prince Derek
house, which starts to burn because of the forbidden arts.  Her father dies, leaving her an orphan. Before he dies he ask Derek to take care of her which he promises to do. Odette and Derek decide to take care of Alise until they find other relatives of hers. Alise gets a new home but she is still is sad and Odette remembers how she was  kidnapped and she sees her father dying while she screams at him in her memory. Odette knows how to be without a family. She promises to Alise that she'll always be with her. Later she shows Alise everything around the kingdom and everybody likes Alise. But she won't speak for anyone. One night a nightmare troubles her and Odette comes to comfort her tell her that everything is OK and Odette sings her a lullaby, "Always with You."

The next morning Alise plays with Bridget, they play hide and seek in the castle grounds with everyone watching them. Odette and Derek find out that she has no other relatives left and now want to adopt her which makes Queen Uberta very happy that she now has a granddaughter.

Later she gets kidnapped by flying squirrels, and Odette and Derek have to follow the flying squirrels to rescue Alise. The Squirrels prepare lots of traps because they think Odette is the evil swan princess from the legend they have been told for centuries.  The Squirrels take her to there master the forbidden arts and trap her in a jail cell. When Odette finally sees Alise she tries to break the prison but she was unable and feels disappointed. Then Alise finally speaks, telling Odette to break the crystal to free her. Odette tries to break the the crystal but the Forbidden Arts is ready to destroy her. But Scully a new friend for Odette, sacrifices himself and breaks the crystal to be able to set Alise free, there is a huge explosion as the crystal breaks. After the explosion, Odette call for Alise in the hope she is OK,  Alise then calls out to Odette: Mommy. Full of happiness, Alise and Odette embrace each other.

The movie ends with Alise being presented to the people as the new princess and her now living happily with Derek and Odette, her new parents. 

In Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today Alise is left at her grandmother Queen Uberta's castle while Odette and Derek help people. Later She along with Rogers, Speed and Jean Bob go out sailing but end up getting shipwreck on an island populated by carnivorous creatures called Boggs. There Alise meets a boy named Lucas who ran away from his parents   

In Royally Undercover Alise and Lucas team up together on a mission to find out what Count Antonio is up to 



"The crystal. Break the crystal."


"One for Daddy. And one for Mommy."

"So What's First? Build A Fort? Play Tag?"

"But Puffin, I Don't Want To Be A PRINCESS Princess I Want To Be A Modern Princess"

"Grandmum, I was thinking about going swimming today"

"I'm Ready for My Training Lord Rogers"

(Awakes) "A Princess Never Laughs Too Loudly"

"We're going sailing? I hope Grandmum will let me?"

"Ahoy! What Be That Bright Star?"

"So You Got Shipwrecked Too, huh?"

"This Is Where You Live?"

"What Are Those Things?"

"But Today I'm A Pirate"

"You Mean We'll Be Like SPIES"

"I don't understand how love works, but if Antonio doesn't love her why does he complement her all the time and hold her hand?"

"Do You Think Grandfather Really Saved Him?"

"Wow You Look Great, PRINCE Lucas!"

"Its Now Or Never"

"Oh Mama,Papa"

" Papa I'm so sorry.

"Puffin this is boring"

Physical AppearanceEdit

Alise has brown hair, green eyes (sometimes teal, brown, or pale blue), and a very short, thin build. Her age is never fully specified in the film, it is only implied that she is very young. However, judging by her appearance and behavior, it is easy to assume that she's most likely somewhere between the ages of five at the least to ten at the most.

in the ninth film, according to director Richard Rich, Alise is 16 years old


Alise wears a commoner dress at the beginning of the movie. During bedtime, she wears a pink nightgown that once belonged to Odette. During most of the movie she wears a red dress with black shoes. At the end her hair is now short and she wears a dark blue dress and black shoes. 

In the sixth movie she wears a Purple dress and during her journey as an adventurous princess she wears a Pirate costume and with a golden earring on her right ear. In the seventh movie she still wears her red dress and when she and Lucas are on their spy mission they are wearing black clothes given by Lord Rogers. In the eighth movie Alise again wears her red dress.

In the ninth movie now grown up into a teenage girl, she wears a dark pink dress with golden sparkling stone on the two sides of the dress. Her hair is now longer and similar hairstyle to her mother in the form of a braid with a yellow hair gum.

For her birthday party she is wearing a white dress with a beautiful pattern with a tiara and with the matching earrings, her hair is collected in a bun.


  • "A Pirate Today" is the first song Alise sings in the Swan Princess Franchise
  • She is the third character in the series to be kidnapped by an antagonist, the first being Odette by Rothbart (and later Zelda) and the second being Queen Uberta by Clavius
  • In various screenshots, her eyes change from pale blue to teal to green to brown and vice versa - a similar animation error occurs amongst various other characters with these eye colors, most notably the Scullions
  • Her hair seems to lengthen and shorten at various points in the film- from chin-length to shoulder-length to almost growing past her back -this could be an implication of time passing (as vaguely suggested in the "We Want To Hear From You" musical sequence) but it may simply be a sign that her hair is being groomed/cut regularly, which would make the most sense seen as how Uberta clearly enjoys pampering her.
  • Despite the movie's story revolving around saving her, Alise plays very little role in the film's events, gets hardly any screen time and only had four lines.
  • The death of Alise's birth father marks the third time a character was shown dying on-screen, the first two being King William and Rothbart respectively.

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